The CelaPOPI Advanced Solution

Our most comprehensive POPIA compliance offering, developed for medium to large businesses and multinational Corporates that serve a wide local and/or international target audience with a large staff contingent and business owners, managers and executives with a high degree of organisational responsibility.

Included in our CelaPOPI Advanced Solution:

    • Personal / direct assistance by our accredited business advisors and legal compliance advisors.
    • Comprehensive, cross-organisational POPIA compliance status assessments, conducted on our state-of-the-art CelaAudit® Online Platform.
    • All the documents and templates included in the CelaPOPI Basic Toolkit, with several important additions.  
    • Adaptation, refinement and/or alignment of your existing documentation, processes and information management systems, as identified and required.
    • Data Security solutions and/or recommendations, where gaps are identified.
    • Growth-enabling supplementary insights by our Strategy Division, in conjunction with our Governance Division.
    • POPIA awareness training, workshops and refreshers, steered by the Celagenix® Corporate Academy. 
    • Submission of your PAIA manual to the SA Human Rights Commission.
    • Submission of your Information Officer appointment to the Information Regulator.
    • Official Information Officer Certificate of Appointment.
    • Precision implementation from start to finish through active engagement with the relevant stakeholders and project participants.

Our Solutions

The CelaPOPI
Basic Toolkit

R 4,627 43
  • The Basic Toolkit includes all the information that you will need to fully acquaint yourself with the POPI Act, as well as the documents and templates required to ensure basic compliance with its multifaceted provisions and processing conditions.

The CelaPOPI
Advanced Solution

  • Includes ALL the assessments, information and documentation that you will need to fully comply with the POPI Act, with the added benefit of personal / direct assistance by our experienced legal compliance advisors.​
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