Celagenix® helps businesses and corporate clients shift the needle to new frontiers and possibilities, from strategy through to enablement.

We work closely with executive teams, senior managers, and business owners across multiple industries to craft and co-create strategies that define the future of growth and sustainability for their businesses or organisations. We do this by combining our corporate governance, strategy consulting and financial services expertise with business intelligence and technology to lead transformational change, re-engineer business models, bolster value propositions and competitiveness, optimise governance structures, improve the effectiveness of business processes, and instill a culture of growth-enabling innovation.

If owning or managing a business of distinction is the pursuit, we have the know-how to deliver.


Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Balancing the needs, interests, and expectations of your material stakeholders with the interests of your business or organisation, and its customers or clients, over time, using a combination of adaptive governance programs and digital resources in conjunction with our online CelaAudit® Strategic Information System.

Business Strategy and Organisational Design

Unlocking the latent growth potential of your business by crafting strategies and tactics to bridge the gaps between the current state of your business and its ultimate destination or apex, taking your internal and external business environment into consideration.

Human Capital and Change Management

Ensuring that the strategic direction, priorities, and performance objectives set by leadership are understood, embraced, and cultivated by employees and other stakeholders across your entire value chain.

Value Innovation and Portfolio Strategy

Creating and/or augmenting your competitive advantages and key differentiators by taking a deep analytical dive into what you do, produce, or deliver.

Customer Strategy and Brand Positioning

Unearthing game-changing consumer insights from qualitative and quantitative research, data science and strategic brand audits to serve as input into the creation, validation, or refinement of your strategic imperatives.

Sales Enablement and Pricing Strategy

Capturing and analysing what you do differently, from core to compass, and translating it into growth imperatives that are progressively embedded in your strategic objectives, business model and unique value proposition.

Capabilities Design and Process Optimisation

Enhancing competitive advantage and value creation through digital transformation strategies and coinciding changes to your business or organisation’s operating model, essentially the engine that drives how you create value and generate revenue.

Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship

Assisting start-ups, small to medium businesses, and entrepreneurs with turnkey solutions to growth and sustainability at every stage of the growth life cycle.

Data Privacy 

Helping businesses comply with data privacy legislation by addressing compliance risks and aligning policies, procedures, and processes with measures to safeguard the personal information of data subjects (specific to South Africa and Botswana).

Personal Financial Planning and Advice

Highly specialised financial planning and advice to individuals, geared around service excellence, digital capability, and the flexibility to choose from various services and pricing options.

Succession Planning and Business Assurance

Helping business owners and key persons safeguard the value of their interest or stake in the business by identifying and addressing succession risks, positioning their business for sustainable growth to mitigate the risk of a subdued valuation, and plan for the envisioned transfer of wealth to their successors and dependants.

Employee Benefits Advisory Services

Corporate financial planning and employee benefits consulting, including benchmarking your current group risk benefits and retirement fund against our new generation alternatives, and structuring new group risk schemes and pension / provident / group retirement annuity funds.

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