Strategy &


How you organise to create value.

How you carve out the future
requires a fresh approach.

Setting direction in an ever-changing global socioeconomic environment is a mammoth undertaking in and of itself, let alone managing a business in a pandemic. With so many risks, challenges, and changes, knowing and understanding where, how and with what or whom to play are key enablers to sustainable growth and differentiation. While mitigating risk is critical in this environment, locking in clear and actionable strategies for the future of the business or organisation is equally important. Pivoting in the right place may require changes to the business or organisation’s structure, business model, decision making process, resource allocation, or control mechanisms for implementation. 


With StratDash®, our proprietary approach to strategic planning, and an arsenal of growth-enabling tools and resources, we help clients carve out the future by focusing on the untapped potential of their businesses and opportunities for growth and expansion. 

Working closely with business owners and management teams, we evaluate and analyse the current state and structure of their businesses or organisations, map out scenarios and differentiating capabilities, and craft strategies capable of meeting objectives and key performance measures. Where necessitated by the scope or level of proficiency required, we mobilise our resources and expertise to oversee implementation of deliverables in either a semi-dedicated consulting capacity or as interim executives.

How we help clients

Organisational Structure Design and Transformation

  • Operating model strategy and design (restructuring for growth, innovation, and efficiency)
  • Cross-functional integration design and alignment strategies (shared services)
  • Corporate Centre innovation and Business Unit alignment strategies
  • Business continuity and succession planning

Organisational Assessments

  • Direction setting and validation
  • Internal organisational DNA diagnostics
  • Strategic growth readiness assessments
  • Decision-rights assessments
  • Growth constraints and risk periphery scanning
  • Cultural growth activation readiness
  • Organisational efficiency and
  • effectiveness assessments
  • Benchmarking

Performance Management Innovation

  • Corporate finance and capital structure
  • Development of metrics, key performance indicators and incentives
  • Financial performance validation (data analytics)

Culture Transformation

  • Organisational change management
  • Behavioural change management
  • Communication strategies
  • Leadership team effectiveness

Strategy Enablement Assistance

  • Implementation support
  • Acting as interim Executives in support of the strategy function / division