The Celagenix® Group is, at its core, a new generation Management Consulting and Business Advisory  firm with a dynamic, ever-expanding offering that centres around enterprise transformation and new  ways of working and living.

Our services and solutions are rooted in the all-encompassing spheres of corporate governance and organisational strategy, functions that, if executed methodically and with cohesive precision, have the power to transform even the smallest market participants into market leaders or industry disruptors. Armed with an arsenal of highly sought-after business transformation skills and resources, our mission to navigate businesses through the rigorous process of modern-day transformative change is underpinned by a sturdy track record of successful corporate projects, game-changing ventures and global partnerships.

Our deep-rooted conviction is simple in its complexity: Find the core of disruption and tilt it in favour of our clients. To us, it is not about remaining competitive anymore. It is about becoming the benchmark against which all standards are measured.

Thus, if explosive, sustainable growth is your pursuit, count us in. Together, we can rewrite the rules that govern your game.


The Celagenix® Group is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in everything we do on daily basis as we strive to make a lasting contribution in the lives of our clients, partners, people, and the communities within which we operate globally.

The conduct, dealings and multifaceted engagements of all our personnel are governed by the Celagenix® Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct (“CelaCode”). In addition, our Management Team, Staff Members, Advisors and Consultants are required to, at all times and under all circumstances, adhere to the standards, principles and international best practices set by the governing bodies and membership associations with which we are accredited, including the Project Management Institute (“PMI”), International Institute of Business Analysis (“IIBA”), Institute of Directors in South Africa (“IODSA”), Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa (“CCASA”) and King IV™.

The CelaCode reflects our core belief that ethical conduct is the soil from which every success sprouts. It creates the aspirational values that drive our vibrant corporate culture, and establishes the global mandatory standards that guide us in conducting business honourably, morally, and with the utmost professionalism.

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