Authentic Intelligence in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

As leaders and businesses, we can't just jump into artificial intelligence blind. We have to embrace this mind-blowing technology, but not at the expense of what makes us human.


Martin Louw | Celagenix® Corporate Academy

8/3/20233 min read

Artificial Intelligence: Finding the Balance with Human Authenticity


Artificial Intelligence - the buzz on the street that needs no introduction. We can call it many names, but one thing is certain; Amidst the rise to prominence of this disruptive technology, we can hardly call a spade a spade. Instead, we have to call it whatever is reproduced from our collective understanding of what a spade actually is. We'll call this phenomenon a 'bend-and-blend' of perception and reality.

In this article, I won't be diving into the infinite universe of AI, its multiple real-world applications, how it can impact the future of business and life as we know it (or think we know it), or the utopian versus dystopian debate around it. Instead, I will focus on something that's a tad closer to home; Something that we like to call Authentic Intelligence, which we define as the essence at the core of our being and existence that makes us human, that makes us unique, and that makes us capable of inventing technology that can mimic and even rival our own uniqueness.

It is perplexing but at the same time an extraordinary feat of human ingenuity, paradoxically. This incredible metamorphosis from authentic into artificial; from humans into machines. Can you guess which one came first between the caterpillar and the butterfly?

Putting People at the Heart of Your Vision - Our View

At Celagenix®, everything we do and endeavor to be and become revolves around our Code of Ethics or CelaCode, which puts people at the heart of our vision, mission, and professional conduct. We believe in the power and potential of people, and our ability as human beings to envision and create from a place of authenticity and raw emotion.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence should serve to amplify our own Authentic Intelligence, in the same way that other technologies serve to expand our domains.

Our position as a global consultancy has always been a calculated and informed balance between people and technology. That will never change in our domain. We will certainly embrace this revolution, but we will not shy away from challenging the application of technology when it comes at the expense of humanity and Authentic Intelligence.

If it makes certain human functions redundant, we will strive to create new functions where the primary input comes from hearts that beat and hands that are warm. If it exacerbates people's belief in their own disadvantage, or amplifies feelings of hopelessness and despondency, we will do whatever we can to restore people to their rightful place and position in this world. Our mission is business, but our mandate is people. Period. Now may be a good time for business leaders to also revisit their ethos before it gets deconstructed and rewritten in binary code.

Authentic First, Artificial Second

Although AI is still in its infancy, the velocity with which this technology is evolving will bring it to adolescence in just a few short years. Literally. Week by week, month after month; We can see it outgrowing its shoes. We are excited about this growth, and the multitudinous prospects of AI. But we view it as a tool to serve humanity and business, not one to make us question our existence, our sanity, or our sentience. So, we will continue calling a spade a spade, even if it ends up being called a sword.

Pursue it with passion but aim for a calculated and informed balance. AI will not replace humans. Humans with AI will replace humans. Factor it in and get your employees and colleagues to level up. It is important.


Artificial intelligence is no longer some far-off fantasy - it's here and evolving at a blistering pace. As exciting as that is, it also leaves us at a crossroads.

As leaders and businesses, we can't just jump on the AI bandwagon blind. We have to embrace this mind-blowing technology wholeheartedly, but not at the expense of what makes us human. I'm talking about our creativity that allows genius ideas to spark. Our emotions that enrich experiences and create genuine connections. Our ability to find deeper purpose and meaning. The authentic intelligence woven into our DNA has to be our moral compass navigating the uncharted waters of AI.

By striking a calculated balance between artificial and authentic intelligence, we can truly soar. Innovation will know no bounds, efficiency will skyrocket. But here's the crucial part - we have to fiercely protect the qualities that make us human. The ability to savour hard-earned victories. To forge relationships that fill our souls. To discover driving passions that make us come alive.

It's this intricate dance, this harmonious give-and-take between artificial and authentic intelligence that will launch us into exciting new frontiers.

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