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Celagenix® is fast becoming a veritable disruptor in the professional services industry globally.

What other Management Consulting firms have taken years to achieve, Celagenix® has done in a short space of time. We have managed to extend our reach to numerous firms ranging from Multinational Corporations and Government-affiliated Organisations to Financial Services Providers, SMEs and various SMMEs; without the overheads, selectivity and continual overhaul that many of our peers remain challenged by.

As solutions builders with an insatiable appetite for business transformation, we have the time, resources, expertise and passion to catapult your organistion to the front, swiftly, affordably and cohesively.

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Current Market Statistics
show that

of businesses either fail or fall behind the curve due to poor corporate governance - the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled - and strategic lag - the inability to recognise trends, adapt to change and ultimately, execute progressive business transformation strategies.
fail due to the absence of revenue drivers. In other words, it’s not the lack of revenue that causes businesses to dwindle and eventually disappear, but rather the reluctance and/or inability to adapt their business models and redefine their value propositions. Sticking to what used to work is the Achilles’ heel of many businesses.


Our Specialised Business Divisions

Celagenix® consists of three specialised divisions, each with its own unique focus and offering.

By segregating our overarching business as an elite Business Advisory -and Management Consulting firm, we are able to identify and/or develop tailored solutions and strategies based on the unique needs, requirements and objectives of each organisation that we deal with.  

Our ability to methodically select and bundle products and services from all our divisions to form complete solutions, is the core competency that separates us from our peers.

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People that we worked with

had the following to say

Celagenix®, a trusted partner and associate of our organisation, has been instrumental in the overhaul and optimisation of our Corporate Governance through their cutting edge CelaAudit® analysis software, expert guidance and niche, hand-in-glove digital business transformation solutions. Methodical, strategic and innovative in their approach, Celagenix® is far from being a run-of-the-mill Business Advisory – and Management Consulting firm. Pioneering is the word

– Mark Wonfor, Business Development
Liberty Holdings Ltd. – Africa Regions

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Digital Business Transformation Solutions

Celagenix® can assist with the development of bespoke digital products that will put your business ahead of the curve.