3 Crucial Sustainability Considerations

In this article, we look at 3 important sustainability considerations before embarking on the journey. Even those that have already committed to sustainability often overlook these 3 make-or-break pillars.


Martin Louw | Celagenix® Corporate Academy

3/28/20233 min read

Key Sustainability Considerations for Your Business Journey


Let's be real - addressing sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have for businesses. Customers, investors, everyone is demanding that companies step up their game and get serious about being good corporate citizens. But pivoting to a sustainability-focused model isn't as simple as flipping a switch. It's a whole journey that requires the right mindset, commitment, and skilled champions driving the effort. This article explores 3 often overlooked sustainability considerations to lock down before embarking, or even mid-flight.


The Diverging Paths of Profit-Seekers vs Sustainability Champions

Your traditional for-profit company is heads-down chasing two obsessions: making money and making more of it. Period. But the smart sustainable businesses out there are wrestling with deeper sustainability considerations: "How do we make money AND do it responsibly and ethically? How do we grow profits while still being a force for good in our communities and for the planet?"

The divergence in priorities is stark. Profit-seekers are all about lining their own pockets with little thought for broader consequences. Sustainability champions understand that long-term success means having an outward focus - considering their footprint on the environment, society, everyone they impact.

Getting Real With Sustainability Considerations

To get aligned on what truly matters, both camps need to ask themselves these fundamental "Sustainability Consideration" questions:

1. What do we really want to achieve and become as a sustainable business?

2. What's really going on in our business from a sustainability lens?

3. What broader sustainability dynamics are at play around us?

4. So what should we actually do about it to be more sustainable?

5. Who should lead the charge on sustainability efforts?

6. And how exactly should we execute our sustainability initiatives?

For too many traditional companies, brutal bottom-line profit motives warp the answers to these sustainability considerations. Truly sustainability-minded businesses are grounded in their purpose - who they aspire to sustainably become shapes every decision.

Walking the Walk: Genuine Sustainability Commitments

Smart sustainable businesses see the bigger picture when it comes to sustainability considerations. They consider all stakeholders - employees, customers, communities, the environment - not just shareholders. This wider aperture helps futureproof their model for long-term viability and value creation.

But executing authentic sustainability commitments is also where things get tricky. If companies don't have clear sustainability knowledge, strong conviction, and skilled execution, it's easy to veer into greenwashing territory - just talking about sustainability as a PR ploy.

Here are some authoritative sustainability resources to learn more:



The 3 Pillars: Get These Right or Don't Start

So before taking that first step on the sustainability journey, brands need to get radically honest with themselves on 3 make-or-break pillars:

1. Knowledge - Do we truly understand what sustainability means and the key considerations for our company?

2. Conviction - Do we 100% buy into prioritising sustainability as a must-have? Not just lip service?

3. Execution - Do we have the right sustainability-skilled people in the right roles to properly execute?

Get any of those three pillars wrong, and your sustainability efforts will stumble. Miss the knowledge, and you'll flounder blind. Lack conviction and attempts will be half-hearted. And without execution power, even the noblest intentions won't get operationalised.

The Payoff: A Rewarding Journey

But handle those three sustainability pillars with care, and you're strapping in for a rewarding thrill ride. One that will simultaneously boost your bottom line AND make the world better.

Companies crystallising sustainability knowledge, shoring up team conviction, and deploying skilled change agents are gearing up for some of the most impactful work of their existence. Finally, an opportunity to fuse purpose with profit in a way that creates prosperity for people, planet, and business.

It's a long road, but the sustainable brands that lock in those foundational pillars will be the ones driving us towards a more conscious, ethical, and valuable future for all.

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Embracing sustainability is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic business decision that can future-proof your company and drive long-term success. By prioritising sustainability knowledge, cultivating conviction within your team, and ensuring effective execution, you can navigate the complexities of this journey and position your business as a leader in the sustainable economy.

Remember, sustainability is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires perseverance, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to creating a better world for all stakeholders. By laying the foundations with these three key pillars, you'll be well-equipped to embark on a rewarding journey that harmonises profit and purpose, creating value for your business, society, and the planet.

Ready to take the next step on your sustainability journey? Contact us to discuss how we can help guide and support your transition towards a more sustainable future.

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