Specialised Consulting and Business Development

Celagenix® specialises in crafting authentic processes, strategies and solutions that resonate directly with our clients’ customer bases.

By combining our core areas of expertise with our segregated – yet highly integrated – service offering, as well as our flagship CelaAudit® Navigate Business Transformation Platform, we are able to simplify – swiftly, affordably and cohesively – what is essentially a very complex undertaking for any organisation: gaining competitive traction in an ever-evolving global marketplace. 

For organisations to purchase expensive, off-the-shelf products, sift through endless options and solutions, or employ traditional suit and tie consultants based on a limited understanding of what is required or even necessary for that matter, is simply not enough anymore. This is where we create and deliver the edge.

We understand what, and who, really matters when it comes to moving your organisation forward. 

Celagenix® – Taking YOU there.  

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Business Transformation

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HR Management

Risk Advisory

Niche Solutions

Business Toolkits

Our Celagenix® accredited Business Advisors and Consultants, alongside our global network of reputable Business Partners, are well equipped to advise and navigate organisations of all sizes through the multitudinous facets of organisational management.

By progressively deploying targeted solutions, constructed from meticulous data assimilation and analytics, we are able to eliminate the exorbitant fees that accompany traditional management consulting.

Expert consulting to C-Suite level executives of your organisation on several wide-ranging and complex organisational issues, including inter alia the following-

  • Corporate governance and risk management;
  • Corporate strategy;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Operations management;
  • Improving leadership skills;
  • Organisational change management;
  • Creating and cultivating a unified, purpose-driven corporate culture;
  • Process analysis;
  • Technology usage and performance;
  • Enterprise transformation.

Industry best practices, work environment trends, customer/client insights and legislative requirements are all incorporated in our distinct management consulting methodology in a unified, systematic fashion.

Our aim is to refine/recalibrate your organisation’s strategic trajectory top-down, enhance your overall performance and core operations, and ensure that your business processes, practices and people are aligned accordingly.

Complete, top-down and bottom-up assessment of multitudinous aspects across your organisation to determine its current status and overall readiness for change and transformation, using our proprietary CelaAudit® Navigate Business Transformation Platform.

Generic and specific recommendations, deliverables and KPIs are extrapolated from the assimilation of data based on our comprehensive analysis and strategic insights.

Our aim is to eliminate detractors from your organisation’s overall performance and leverage or introduce capabilities and competencies that will enable you to outperform your competitors, to the satisfaction of your customers/clients and other stakeholders.  

Advising top management of your organisation on high-level strategic decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge and data to align your business practices, processes and procedures with key strategic objectives.

Our aim is to navigate your organisation through the complexities that strategic positioning in the Digital Age presents, to develop cogent, coherent action plans that empower your organisation to deliver on its strategic goals, and ultimately equip you to create an engaging, influential, differentiated Brand.

Assessment and deep analysis of the systems, processes and resources utilised and deployed by your organisation to create its products/services.

Our aim is to create the highest level of operational efficiency by assisting top management to eliminate non-essentials, optimise existing systems and processes, or replace it with innovative solutions and/or new technologies. By achieving operational agility, your organisation will be able to deploy resources in other areas that increase its intrinsic value as well as its perceived value to its customers/clients and other stakeholders.

Celagenix® has an all-encompassing offering dedicated exclusively to Business Transformation

Our consulting methodology deviates from traditional business planning since we tap into the resources and expertise from our other divisions to deliver and introduce more relevant insights and research-backed data into our planning process. Our offering includes:

  • Drafting (and/or review) of a contemporary, practicable business plan for your organisation that includes any of the following, tailored to your needs-
    • Organisation description and strategic trajectory;
    • Management and organisation structure;
    • Value proposition and business model innovation;
    • Crafting measurable goals and objectives;
    • Evaluating and measuring performance through metrics and analytics;
    • Gauging business strategy and applying due correction;
    • Allocation/reallocation of financial resources;
    • Comprehensive situation analysis;
    • Marketing strategy and sales enablement tactics;
    • Development/production/adaptation of new/existing products/services, if applicable;
    • Operations and core capabilities;
    • Financials, including the use of financial ratios;
    • Offering / request for funding;
    • Action plans and deliverables;
    • Implementation roadmap.

Determining, refining and formalising your organisation’s objectives, strategies and deliverables to ensure its continued development and success through the effective utilisation/deployment of its available resources.

Our aim is to enable your organisation to operate with a cohesive vision by establishing/revisiting/refining business fundamentals. Without a resourceful, contextually relevant and current business plan, the management team of our your organisation will not have an effective means to test different theories on how to operate optimally in the Digital Age as well as examine various outcomes from a financial, marketing and operations perspective. By consequence, they will find it difficult to properly allocate financial and operating resources.

Tender process and procurement assistance if your organisation conducts its business through tenders, including the drafting/review/adaptation of tender request documents such as a request for tender (“RFT”), a request for proposal (“RFP”) and a request for quotation (“RFQ”).

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Business Transformation is essentially the heartbeat of Celagenix® and its affiliates. Our Business Transformation Solution centres, at its core, around how organisations create value to its customers/clients and other stakeholders, from the inside out.

The use and/or adoption of our flagship CelaAudit® Navigate Business Transformation Platform, centred around the following eight, highly integrated pillars of transformation-

  • Organisational Analysis: A complete, top-down and bottom-up assessment of multitudinous aspects across your entire organisation to determine its current status and overall readiness for change or transformation;
  • Business Model Analysis: In-depth analysis of what is essentially the primary driver of business transformation;
  • Key Objectives / KPIs: Capturing, reviewing, contextualising and/or formulating specific results that your organisation aims to achieve within a specific timeframe and with its available resources;
  • Data Assimilation: Making sense of the data and using it as input to fuel strategy formulation;
  • Strategy Formulation: High-level strategies required to achieve key objectives and KPIs;
  • Tactics: Specific goals within each strategy;
  • Implementation: A roadmap of deliverables and timelines;
  • Controls: Ongoing measurement and monitoring of deliverables and timelines against key objectives and KPIs.
  •   Assessment of your organisation’s internal systems, processes and procedures to identify inter alia the following-
    • Deficiencies that detract from operational efficiency;
    • Key enablers that can be harnessed/leveraged to enhance performance.
  • Optimisation and digitisation of your organisation’s internal systems, processes and procedures to reengineer the way you work, collaborate, manage projects, manage employees and divisions, delegate and monitor authority, secure customer/client data, use add-ons and APIs to enhance procedural efficiencies, implement and govern cross-organisational policies and procedures;
  • Assessment and digitalisation of your client-facing processes and procedures through strategic collaboration, new generation software solutions and APIs.

Advising top management of your organisation on high-level strategic decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge and data to align your business practices, processes and procedures with key strategic objectives.

Our aim is to navigate your organisation through the complexities that strategic positioning in the Digital Age presents, to develop cogent, coherent action plans that empower your organisation to deliver on its strategic goals, and ultimately equip you to create an engaging, influential, differentiated Brand.

Introducing innovation and new digital technologies to change/adapt your organisation’s business model and create new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

Introducing fully encrypted high-quality audio and visual technologies and digital customer/client engagement tools to change/adapt and improve how your organisation’s customers/clients access your products/services, and how you deliver them, create customer/client retention and manage customer/client queries and after-sales service.

The use and/or adoption of our Change Management Toolkit, which includes inter alia the following-

  • Change Management Baseline Framework: Case for change template, Compelling vision interview template, Working with your Sponsor overview, Sponsor expectation tool, Stakeholder analysis and engagement plan overview and template, Change readiness assessment (baseline), Behavioural change plan, Team communication overview and plan;
  • Managing Personal Transitions (Resistance): Motivating change, Transition model, Change process model, Change process model – indicators and strategies, Core values exercise, Best practices for leading change;
  • Developing a Change Plan: Shaping the path, Implementation strategies, Risk assessment template, Success metrics overview and template, Feedback strategy overview and options, Change communications plan overview and template, Change communication brief template;
  • Implementation and Monitoring: Sustaining change, Change readiness assessment (final), Metrics.

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Our complete Digital Marketing offering includes a vast range of highly integrated solutions and services, tailored to transform how organisations deliver value to its customers/clients and other stakeholders, from the outside in.

  • Performance Review and Marketplace Analysis, including digital channel analysis, scoring / benchmarking digital capability across the whole customer life cycle, customising digital analytics to report on and drive traffic to your organisation;
  • Vision and Mission, including the role of digital marketing in your organisation;
  • Defining objectives and KPIs used to track performance;
  • Digital marketing communications strategy;
  • Segmentation and Targeting, including creating or refining audience personas, creating a layered targeting approach for profiled visitors;
  • Defining your organisation’s online value proposition and customer experience.
  • Creating a long-term digital marketing roadmap for your organisation;
  • Creating separate plans for online customer acquisition, conversation and retention;
  • Developing an online Brand;
  • Managing digital marketing teams;
  • Developing digital marketing skills;
  • Managing International marketing.
  • Reviewing the most effective current media and opportunities to grow your organisation’s website reach;
  • Improving your search marketing;
  • Leveraging owned, earned and paid media to increase your organisation’s reach and market penetration;
  • Creating acquisition and budget plans.
  • Customer journey analysis and testing;
  • Lead capture and audience profiling;
  • Optimisation of your content marketing;
  • Optimisation of your website landing pages;
  • Campaign and content planning.
  • Lead nurturing and re-marketing;
  • Website personalisation;
  • Improving mobile experience;
  • Multichannel selling;
  • Creating a Conversion Rate Optimisation (“CRO”) programme.
  • Customer onboarding and growth;
  • Digital experiences;
  • Customer service and success;
  • Email marketing;
  • Improving social media marketing.

Structured tests and improvements across digital experiences, marketing automation, content marketing, search marketing, social media, marketing technologies and digital platforms used by your organisation.

Planning, curating, writing, editing, managing and monitoring of relevant and engaging SEO-optimised content for your organisation.

In-depth research related to the market, industry and sector that your organisation operates in, as well as insight into your target audience, competitors and customer/client trends.

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Our Human Resources Management offering includes an array of employee relations solutions, toolkits, templates and training/workshops conducted by Celagenix® accredited Business Advisors, Consultants, Trainers and Professional Life Coaches.

  • Drafting/reviewing/refining plans for managing your organisation’s human capital in alignment with your business activities and key performance objectives;
  • Setting direction for all the key areas of HR, including hiring, performance appraisal, development, and compensation;
  • Establishing/reviewing critical enablers of HR strategy execution, including management buy-in, budget, skilled HR professionals, and appropriate digital technology;
  • Aligning/realigning HR goals, practices and initiatives with HR strategy and incentives;
  • Introducing team -and cross-organisational collaboration tools and strategies to enhance administrative efficiencies and overall operational effectiveness.
  • The use and/or adoption of our Labour Assist Toolkits which include CCMA-tested Grievance, Disciplinary and Competency Process, and FAIS Act Debarment Process templates;
  • Independent Chairperson / Decision Maker assistance during internal disciplinary hearings;
  • Drafting and/or review of legal and contractual employment-related agreements to ensure alignment with Labour Law and related legislation;
  • Professional advice and guidance in respect of your organisation’s internal relations, complemented by a wide range of fully customisable templates across the following HR disciplines that can also be collated into a complete HR Policies and Procedures Manual for your organisation-
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Consultants and contractors
    • Discipline and behaviour
    • Dismissal and termination
    • Employee records
    • Employee reference letters
    • Hiring employees
    • Insurance
    • Interview guides
    • Job descriptions
    • Letters and memos
    • Letters to applicant
    • Motivation
    • Personality and ability tests
    • Policies and coinciding documentation
    • Staff management
    • Surveys and evaluations
  • Background screening and verification checks of employees and other stakeholders of your organisation through our CelaVerify offering.
  • The use and/or adoption of our Succession Plan Toolkit to identify, screen and develop new leaders in your organisation who can replace exiting leaders. Our Toolkit will empower your organisation to-
    • Perform a succession
    • Identify significant business challenges in the next 1–5 years;
    • Identify critical positions that will be needed to support business continuity;
    • Identify competencies, skills and institutional knowledge that are critical success factors;
    • Consider high-potential employees;
    • Select the competencies that individuals will need to be successful in positions and ultimately meet identified business objectives;
    • Categorise skill or competency gaps;
    • Predict the likelihood for attracting a robust and qualified candidate pool;
    • Capture the knowledge that individuals possess before departing your organisation;
    • Develop a pool of talent to step into critical positions through targeted career development strategies.
  • B-BBEE Consulting
    • Assisting your organisation to understand the complexities of BEE and its purpose in the South African business environment;
    • Facilitation of BEE requirements and the coinciding administration of all the requisite documentation;
    • Developing B-BBEE and sustainable transformation strategies through targeted analysis to maximise your organisation’s BEE rating whilst remaining cognisant of related spending;
    • Sourcing competitive quotes on your organisation’s behalf along with file compilation and presentation of evidence for verification and effortless certification by one of our approved verification partners;
    • Preferential Procurement optimisation to ensure that certificates are effortlessly sourced along with a report allowing your organisation to make informed decisions on this important element;
    • Expert advice and guidance on Ownership solutions, Management Control, Employment Equity submissions, Skills Development via a registered SDF and Skills specialist, Preferential Procurement, Socio-Economic Development (“SED”) and Enteprise Development (”ED”) Solutions;
  • B-BBEEE Verification
    • B-BBEE File preparation is about collating substantive proof for verification. We collate supplier certificates, electronic documents and supporting files that quickly generate additional BEE points;
    • Collating proof for verification to ensure that your organisation’s points earnings are in line with your chosen Verification Company.
  • B-BBEEE Certification
    • We can supply your organisation with up to seven independent verification quotes for its B-BBEE certificate from our selected SANAS verification companies.
  • Ownership Solutions
    • The use and/or adoption of our Employee Share Ownership modules that meet all legal requirements whilst ensuring that your organisation does not lose control or end up with a hostile partner. If your organisation is doing tender business, our ownership modules will make it an attractive supplier to do business with;
    • We handle the entire process, including Empowering supplier status, Employee share ownership solutions, Becoming an attractive supplier, Key Person trusts, and Ownership beyond compliance solutions;
    • Our services, tailored to your organisation’s needs, include unpacking the codes on ownership, all legal documentation and templates, as well as staff briefings.
  • Preferential Procurement:
    • Collation of supplier documents;
    • Preparation of data;
    • Analysis of information and the maximising of your organisation’s Procurement Element score;
    • Our unique optimiser will assist your organisation to create different spending scenarios for the purpose of making informed decisions regarding future procurement.
  • Skills Development:
    • Assistance to develop a Workplace Skills Plan (“WSP”);
    • Submission of the WSP to the relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (“SETA”);
    • Advice on implementation of the WSP;
    • Assistance to draft an Annual Training Report (“ATR”) on the implementation of the WSP;
    • Advice on the quality assurance requirements set by the SETA;
    • Liaise between your organisation and the SETA;
    • Serve as a resource for all aspects of Skills Development;
    • Advice on appropriate training for your organisation, which is likely to result in the awarding of a Discretionary Grant (“DG”);
    • Submission of the DG award application according to the SETA requirements;
    • Submission of all reports necessary during the year of the DG award to ensure payment to your organisation;
    • Follow up on payments from the SETA.
  • Assist your organisation to understand the purpose of Employment Equity in the South African business environment;
  • Develop/review your organisation’s Employment Equity Plan;
  • Advise you on complying with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act;
  • Assist with the implementation of Employment Equity across your organisation.

Employee satisfaction assessments and guidance across inter alia the following-

  • Career development
  • Compensation
  • Corporate Culture
  • Benefits
  • Employee relationships with Management
  • Work environment
  • Conditions for engagement
  • Engagement options
  • Engagement behaviours
  • Performance reviews
  • Development and implementation of policies and internal controls to mitigate and manage HR and IR related risks and enhance overall employee satisfaction.
  • Professional training and workshops conducted by SETA and Celagenix® accredited Business Advisors and Trainers on several wide-ranging behavioural and organisational topics, including the following: Anger Management, Attitude & Action, Balance (work & life), Beliefs, Business Etiquette, Career (Guidance & Planning), Change Management, Confidence, Creativity, Decision Making, Effective Communication, Entrepreneurship, Finances, Goalsetting, Habits, Health & Vitality, HR, Information Management, IT, Leadership, Marketing, Memory Techniques, Motivation, Networking, Perseverance & Discipline, Problem Solving, Project Management, Relationships & Morale, Sales, Spaced Repetition, Stress, Success, Team Building & Management, Time Management, Tracking, Values, Visualisation & Affirmations, Women in the Workplace, Workplace Issues.

The purpose of our targeted training and workshops is to align/realign/recalibrate your organisation’s culture i.e. organic beliefs, behaviours and staff buy-in, with the vision, mission and key performance objectives of your organisation in a unified and mutually rewarding manner, and to help you identify and develop potential successors in your organisation. Training can be conducted virtually or face-to-face, depending on your requirements and the extent of the needs identified.

Assessment of your Payroll and Time & Attendance Software, including the introduction of alternative/innovative solutions, where needed/identified, to optimise your accounting processes and procedures, reduce admin time and ultimately, reduce overheads.

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Celagenix® has a distinct approach when it comes to Governance, Risk and Compliance (“GRC”). Because risk, and by extension risk management, is so extensive, and integrates with so many facets and aspects of organisational management, we overlay our independent, category-specific risk assessments with data extrapolated selectively from other risk areas to formulate truly bespoke GRC solutions.

  • The use and/or adoption of our Corporate Governance Toolkit, which includes inter alia the following-
    • General Corporate Governance – and King IV™ Principles Status assessments
    • Board assessments
    • Company Secretary assessments
    • Shareholder assessments
    • Corporate Misconduct assessments
    • Peer-to-Peer assessments
    • Annual attestations
  • Corporate Restructuring assessments, guidance and practicable templates;
  • Risk and Compliance assessments, including the development/review of Risk Management Frameworks;
  • The use and/or adoption of the Governance Modules built into our CelaAudit® Navigate Platform;
  • Board Meeting Automation and Online Solutions through our Digital Board Management Solution

Specialised Celagenix® accredited Business Advisors can assist with the review, origination and/or scrupulous execution of financial turnaround strategies that entail inter alia the following-

  • Managing business rescue proceedings systematically and compassionately;
  • Working alongside your organisation’s CFO to develop a go-forward plan for training in-house staff on financial modelling and data-driven analysis;
  • Guiding your organisation through the overhaul or implementation of an Enterprise Resources Planning (“ERP”) system;
  • Leading your organisation through a merger or acquisition and developing efficient system conversions and integrations;
  • Consulting on best practice alignment or strategic planning during the financial turnaround process;
  • Developing an integrated approach to IT audits or security program projections;
  • Establishing policies and procedures for continued communication with your organisation’s stakeholders throughout the turnaround process.
  • Celagenix® Corporate Business Advisors can proficiently navigate your organisation through the many aspects and intricacies that coincide with corporate restructuring, whether resultant from, inter alia, contraction/expansion of your organisation’s operations, changes in its assets, financial or ownership structure, changes in corporate control, adverse economic conditions, inadequate resources, over-employed personnel or a lack of integration between your various organisational divisions. Our aim is to assist you through the process of reorganising / reengineering the composition of one or more of your business units to ultimately create a more efficient, competitive and profitable enterprise. We are competent to advise on the following:
    • Expansion through amalgamations, acquisitions, asset purchases, joint ventures, takeovers and mergers, including-
      • Horizontal, vertical, conglomerate or concentric mergers
      • Acquisition/Takeovers: Negotiated friendly, bail out and open market/hostile takeovers, including anti-takeover defensive strategies, pre-offer defensive strategies, post-offer defensive strategies
      • Purchase of a Division / Plant
      • Business Alliances e.g. joint ventures, strategic alliances, equity partnership, licensing, franchising alliance, network alliances
      • Diversification
    • Contraction/Divestiture, including-
      • Hive-Offs
      • Demergers: Spin-Offs and Split-Ups
      • Equity Carve Out
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Ownership Restructuring, including-
      • Privatisation
      • Buyouts
  • The use and/or adoption of our POPI Compliance Toolkits
  • Holistic assessment of your organisation’s POPIA compliance status and requirements across all its divisions;
  • Customisable templates and documentation needed to ensure full compliance with POPIA;
  • POPIA awareness and compliance training across all divisions of your organisation;
  • General Data Security and POPIA Data Protection checklists.
  • Basic assessments and guidance in respect of your organisation’s GDPR compliance status;
  • Alignment of GDPR and POPIA in your organisation, where applicable and/or identified.
  • The use and/or adoption of our Pension Fund Governance Toolkit, which includes inter alia the following-
    • Trustee Training and supporting Toolkit
    • Board of Trustee assessments
    • Principal Officer assessments
    • Administrator assessments
    • Pension Fund Misconduct assessments
    • Peer-to-Peer assessments
    • Risk and Compliance assessments
    • Annual Attestations
  • Board Meeting Automation and Online Solutions, aligned with International standards.
  • Risk Assessments: In-depth risk assessments and deep analysis to identify risks that may arise from poor management decisions, the substandard execution of decisions, inadequate resource allocation, or failure to respond well to changes in your organisation’s business environment i.e. strategic misalignment.
  • Strategy Setting Process: Review your organisation’s process for setting and updating its strategies and strategic objectives to ensure that it incorporates the identification and assessment of risks embedded in its strategies.
  • Performance: Review the processes to measure and monitor your organisation’s performance. Expand the processes to include the monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to strategic risks. Embed risk monitoring and reporting into your organisation’s core processes for budgeting, business performance monitoring, scorecards, and performance measurement systems.
  • Risk Mitigation and Management: Develop an ongoing process and Risk Management Framework to periodically update, reassess, report on, and ultimately mitigate and manage strategic risks as part of your organisation’s overall Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”): Assess the maturity of your organisation’s Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) efforts relative to its strategic risks, and develop action plans to move to a higher level of ERM maturity;

Our aim is to empower your organisation to achieve its strategy and strategic objectives with the ultimate goal of creating and protecting shareholder and stakeholder value.

Targeted regulatory and compliance assessments to inter alia-

  • Identify, mitigate and manage your organisation’s exposure to legal penalties, financial forfeiture and material loss when it fails to act in accordance with industry laws and regulations, internal policies or prescribed best practices;
  • Mitigate and manage risks associated with changes in regulations or legislation that may affect your organisation, its operations or the industry in which it operates.

Our aim is to ensure the continued alignment of your organisation with compliance requirements, safeguard it against regulatory disruption, and mitigate the consequences of non-compliance such as increased operational costs, legal and administrative hurdles, and trade constraints / restrictions.

Targeted analysis and in-depth assessments to identify, mitigate and manage the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events. A broad risk analysis area that encompasses inter alia the following-

  • Business continuity plans
  • Environmental risk
  • Crisis management
  • Process systems
  • Operations risk
  • People-related risks and health and safety
  • Information technology risks

Our aim is to improve the reliability of your organisation’s business operations, improve the effectiveness of its risk management, strengthen the decision-making process where operational risks are involved, reduce losses caused by poorly-identified risks, identify unlawful activities early, lower compliance costs and reduce potential damage from future risks.

  • Cyber-security Risk Assessments to-
    • Identify cyber risks within your organisation
    • Analyse its overall cyber risk exposure
    • Report on the effectiveness of its response to the identified risks
    • Create an action plan to assist you in managing and mitigating the identified risks
    • Digital forensics
    • Incident response
    • Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”).

The use and/or adoption of our General Data Security and Data Protection checklists included in our exclusive POPI Compliance Toolkits

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Celagenix® has a range of exclusive products that are meticulously developed to meet specific organisational needs. We have an extended focus on the Financial Services Industry within our range of Niche Solutions.

The Celagenix® FSP FinTech Solution is a first-to-market Business Transformation Solution, tailored to take Financial Services Providers (“FSPs”) into the Digital Age without the exorbitant upfront investment that transformation demands. Developed by combining our core areas of expertise with our flagship CelaAudit® Navigate Business Transformation Platform, the Celagenix® FSP FinTech Solution is a sure-fire way for your organisation to differentiate itself from competitors in its industry, swiftly, affordably and cohesively.

Our product brochure is coming soon. Keep watching this space.

A cost-effective savings solution that can accommodate high volumes – low values, as well as low volumes – high values, developed to enhance the value proposition of FSPs that do not offer investments as part of their service offering to clients, or that are not appropriately licensed at the FSCA to provide investment advice and/or intermediary services. The Digital Savings Solutions is available as either a standalone product, or as a rider benefit embedded in our Mobile App through which we can bundle additional, value-adding products and services i.e. one app, multiple offerings.

Integrated reporting, at preferential rates, which includes inter alia the following-

  • Consolidated Investment Statements: A powerful reporting tool that collects the information on all your clients’ investments and consolidates it into a single white-labelled PDF report per client every month;
  • Consolidated business intelligence reports across all the wealth managers and platforms in your organisation. Without proper business intelligence, it will be difficult to know where you are strategically, where you should be, or how to get there. The business intelligence reports contain important information that will drive a proactive decision-making process within your organisation;
  • Pre-programmed algorithms that run through each of your client’s portfolios on a monthly basis to identify those that might be at risk in respect of portfolio construction and/or alignment with legislation.

Funeral Assist is available to corporate entities and insurers that offer funeral benefits to their employees and/or clients. Funeral Assist is a niche solution that focuses on the re-routing of funeral policy proceeds to approved Undertakers, as opposed to the direct payment of funeral policy benefits to beneficiaries. It is tailored to integrate with -and enhance existing funeral benefit structures as a rider benefit. In other words, it is an enhancement of existing funeral policy benefits, not a replacement thereof;

The primary purpose of Funeral Assist is to reduce the employer’s and/or funeral policy beneficiary’s administrative burden by managing specific benefit / policy-related processes following the death of a policyholder, or nominated relatives of such policyholder, and to mitigate the various risks, such as misappropriation of policy benefits that often coincide with funerals and funeral policy proceeds.

Deployment of a white label mobile app for your organisation to-

  • Improve back and front-end administrative processes and procedures that can free up time and resources;
  • Enhance the brand image and visual appeal of your organisation i.e. brand differentiation;
  • Improve your engagement and interaction with both new and existing customers/clients;
  • Harness the power of lead generation to attract new customers/clients and upsell to existing customers/clients;
  • Expand your current value proposition to customers/clients through the introduction/integration of new products and solutions e.g. value-added products (“VAPs”) and digital savings solutions.

Our background screening and verification checks include inter alia the following:

  • Credit history; Sequestration; Company and Deeds search
  • Criminal check (ID); Criminal check (AFIS); Police clearance (on request); Fraud prevention
  • Employment background screening; Qualification; Skills assessment; FAIS; Life Offices Association; ID; Death certification verification; Licence; Adverse media

Our total end-to-end digital Board Meeting Automation Solution is available to corporate entities. The solution offers governance benefits to Board Members, Shareholders, Company Secretaries and Executive Management. Our solution focuses on the establishment and maintenance of a governance solution to the corporate entity, aligned with the latest regulatory requirements, governance codes of good practice, as well as information technology trends.

A total end-to-end governance solution with a host of benefits, including inter alia the following-

  • Seamless user- friendly implementation and support offered as a cost-effective tailor-made solution;
  • Cloud-based for continuous control over data;
  • Safeguarding against data security threats based on to the latest cybersecurity standards;
  • Guaranteed rates in respect of the complete product;
  • All information and tools available on Desktop, Apple and Android applications.

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Celagenix® Digital Solutions develops downloadable Business Toolkits and other resources to simplify operational complexities and enhance the value proposition and brand image of organisations.

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