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Marketplace Predicament

Marketplace Predicament

The predicament we have is the current system is that the interest/ profit of companies are foremost. No matter the means, whether ethical or unethical, the company must profit. That’s why any outside activities that threaten the company will be supressed in any way possible.

Any creativity is rewarded only if it serves the company when it is deemed as if for personal interest, and it is regarded as a threat and dealt with by stealth “restrictive trade” contracts. This is very frustrating and an unhealthy but above all violates the rights of man to trade freely and “competitively”. Coupled by the expectation that those at the head of the company can retire whilst the young hands maintain their kingdom. That’s ideal but only for the heads of companies not for those who serve these companies.

Alternative ideas may be rewarded some but only if the company benefits. If alternative ideas do not work, the creative ones will carry the blame AND the bill! Such is the nature of the beast when corporate interest is placed above that of man.

The above has been the norm until now as there has not been any other options. Until now. The “single voice of man” now has gearing power to be serviced by the marketplace instead of servicing the marketplace corporates.

Companies as a vehicle to serve man is not a problem. When companies are elevated to the status of master over man, it’s time to rethink, restructure or just cut chords and move to a decentralized platform.



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