As a new generation management consulting and business advisory firm, embedding the latest technology in our processes is at the forefront of our vision and mission. Working alongside our global technology partners, we not only develop proprietary digital solutions, but also leverage the capabilities of our associates to design bespoke solutions for our clients. 

We use or deploy technology in each of our areas of expertise, most notably the following:

Our Board Meeting Automation Solution for superior Corporate Governance

CelaAudit® Navigate, our flagship offering:

An intelligent, analysis-driven online solution developed to progressively and methodically navigate businesses through the multifaceted dynamics of transformative change.

Training Technology for our Corporate Academy

Guided by the latest trends in digital innovation and customer insights, CelaAudit® Navigate combines human expertise and technology to create a cutting-edge fusion of academic application and automation.   

It was developed for exclusive use by Celagenix® accredited business advisors, training facilitators and esteemed clients and partners of Celagenix®. 

Keep steering the ship. We will do the navigating!

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