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Digital Information: K.I.S.S.

The key to a new, free digital marketplace is K.I.S S. = Keep It Short and Simple.

Unlike the complex and top-heavy mainstream system, a free and open market should be so simple to understand that a child can utilize it, yet so powerful that it boggles the most “learned” mind. How else can we reach the childlike common mind?

Enters peer to peer crypto. Without hesitation I can use the example of Sunex (www.thesunexchange.com) for its simplicity yet free and fair marketplace it created:

  • No lengthy contracts
  • No marketing except a short update current and future projects
  • No conferences
  • No newsletters
  • No special exposés
  • No special marketing event days flooded with “bling” and corporate gifts to impress and promote.

The product and service is so fast and efficient that it markets itself. It even leaves the option to those who partake to “donate” small bits to good causes (i.e. community aid).

No pressure, no force and the donatee remains anonymous. (No flashy philanthropic acts to boost the ego of those who have). Sunex is a platform we should watch an example of how the masses succeed in creating a new free marketplace not controlled by anyone but owned by everyone.

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