Celagenix® Business Advisory is the Management Consulting entity of the Celagenix® Group, the core within which we consult, analyse, plan and mobilise our resources and expertise.

The aim of our Advisory division is to help our clients progress beyond stagnation and disruption in pursuit of high-impact innovation strategies by combining our Governance- and Strategy Consulting expertise with actionable business intelligence and deep industry knowledge.


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Governance Services

Advising and assisting boards - directors and trustees - and company secretaries, as well as principal officers of companies, to achieve optimal levels of divisional and cross-organisational performance.

Strategy Consulting

Advising business leaders, executives, and business owners on high-level strategic decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge, distinguished analytical skills, and proprietary solutions to solve for ‘X’.

Business Analysis

Identifying gaps, risks and anomalies through our CelaAudit® Strategic Information System that combines our expertise and technology for turnkey solutioning.

Strategic Planning

Unlocking untapped growth potential by formulating strategies and tactics to bridge the gaps between the current state of your business and its ultimate destination, taking your internal and external business environment into account.

Strategic Alignment

Ensuring that the strategic direction, priorities, and performance objectives set by the leadership of your business are understood, embraced, and cultivated by employees and other stakeholders across your entire value chain.

Business Model Innovation

Enhancing competitive advantage and value creation through digital transformation strategies and coinciding changes to the operating model of your business.

Tactical Value Creation

Tied closely to business model innovation, tactical value creation entails a deep dive into what your business does, produces, or delivers, to create or augment your competitive advantages and key differentiators.

Competitive Differentiation

Capturing and analysing what your business does differently, and then translating it into growth imperatives that are progressively embedded in your strategic objectives, business model and unique value proposition.

Business Development

Co-creating and implementing opportunities for growth and expansion within and between businesses to compound long-term business value for the benefit of your stakeholders and customers or clients.

Change Management

Managing the needs, behaviours and expectations of your stakeholders and employees that sprout from changes to your corporate and business strategies, organisational structure, governance, business model, value proposition or competitive differentiators.

Labour Law Assistance

A total employee misconduct and capability solution championed by our senior legal counsel, developed to meet the internal labour and customer or client dispute resolution needs of your business.

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